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Our mission is to deliver safety in electricals to our customers. Our prime focus is the quality making sure that you are getting the BEST. Making you a Secure Electricity User. Get

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Contactors Suppliers in Singapore 


Electricity is a critical component of industrial, commercial, and domestic setups – whether its usage is industrial or domestic – it has a lot to do with the reliability of industrial systems and the safety of the people using them. In industrial setups, electricity can be used for operating industrial machinery, for lighting, equipment cooling, and heating, as well as for powering industrial process control instruments. In domestic settings, electrical appliances are used for lighting, cooking, water heating, air conditioning, etc. So far from being a luxury – electricity provides power to most essential operations in a household. However, careless handling of electrical equipment can lead to a devastating loss of life and property.


New Vijay Electricals: Introducing you to a Safe Place


All electrical equipment has a specific insulation rating which you should not go below when it comes to insulating your home or office. This means that even if you have a faulty power socket, you might still be in danger of getting a shock if you touch bare wires. At New Vijay Electricals, we believe It is our duty as one of the best Contactors Suppliers in singapore to pay careful attention to the requirements of the law when it comes to protecting our customers from electricity. Every year, people are electrocuted while repairing electrical equipment or doing household chores. The sad part is, these accidents could have been prevented if only the people had known about some of the precautionary measures taken to ensure electrical safety.


What is Contactor and its Uses?


A contactor is an electrical device that is used for switching an electrical circuit on or off. Contactor manufacturers provide a variety of sizes and power ratings to match any application requirement. These ratings can range from 1/8 hp to 10,000 hp. The majority of industrial and commercial applications use contactors that include a coil for full voltage (115/208-230/460 volt) AC controls. Being the best Contactors Suppliers in Singapore, New Vijay Electricals offers the best line of products to make your office or office the safest place to be.


So if you want to trade from the best Contactors Suppliers in Singapore, make sure to visit our website and check our wide range of the safest electric products.

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