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Our mission is to deliver safety in electricals to our customers. Our prime focus is the quality making sure that you are getting the BEST. Making you a Secure Electricity User. Get

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Electrical Automation Products Installation is the brain of electrical equipment, they are used to control and monitor electrical systems. They are normally used within buildings, business premises, factories, road networks, power stations, and so on. They are the programmable controllers that regulate process operations in an electrically controlled system or plant. This wide range of Automation Products that New Vijay Electricals have introduced is helping its clients to gain some competitive advantages in their field, resulting in us as one of the top Automation Products Suppliers in Singapore.


As life increasingly transitions to an increasingly digital platform, the demand for skilled Automation Products Suppliers in singapore and even around the world will always be there. Electrical professionals are in high demand, especially in today’s world. As more things become automated, the electrical services industry has to evolve with them. With new innovations introduced every day, organizations are looking for organizations that can meet their needs, and New Vijay Electricals is certainly one of such organizations.


Industrial automation product categories that we deal in are:

  • Boxes, Cabling, and Interfaces.
  • Contactors and Protection Relays.
  • Enclosures and Accessories.
  • Switch Gears and Control Gears
  • Electrical Automation Products.
  • MCB, RCCB, AC Drive
  • Interface, Measurement, and Control Relays.
  • Measurement and Instrumentation.


In an effort to better serve our customers from start to finish, Vijay Electronics has adopted a “one-stop” approach to this ever-evolving sector by providing a variety of products including electrical installation and design, electrical automation products, and ultimately, to complement, a full line of electrical automation components. So if you are tired of looking for experienced and reliable Automation Products Suppliers in Singapore, chase no more. New Vijay Electricals has a lined up variety of electrical products to turn your safe even safer for you and your loved ones.

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